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 AA Bell & Anita Bell: Flip sides of the same writer 

Anita Bell – Rated G
AA Bell – Rated M

This bestselling and multi-award winning author bought her first property as a 16 year old, while working as a causal shop assistant at her local supermarket. [When it’s supposed to be impossible to buy land as a minor, or while earning only casual wages!] As a teenager, she also become the first person since 1882 to save a horse from the deadly disease, Tetanus.

During the first few months of paying off her first property as a 16 year old, she swapped to an even lower paying office job – at a spooky old asylum - in the hope of longer term job security. But her dedication to details, knack for property investment, and talent for budgeting enabled her to purchase & completely pay off another four properties by the time she turned 29… and along the way, she managed to retire at only 26!

Aside from her friends, farm and family, she loves to spend her spare time landscaping, sculpting, renovating, oil painting, sewing, fishing, star-gazing, animating, fishing, archery and airbrushing artwork on old cars and Harleys.

Anita’s writers workshops are fun, unique and insightful. In 2009, QUT awarded her a MA Post-Grad Scholarship in Creative Writing (Research) for an exegesis on the subject of Advanced Editing Strategies; the kind of rarely discussed topics that can “re-vision” a great story into a real winner.

 “Using a swag of fun and unusual techniques, Ms Bell inspires students with a range of strategies for creating and developing original stories for any medium; page, stage or screen. She teaches students how to layer their work more creatively using advanced language skills, and how to edit and format a piece of work to score higher marks and achieve commercial publication.” Suits ages 5 to 105… but rarely in the same class J

  Anita’s Motto: Age is no barrier to success.

My Top 10 Favourite Firsts:



 In 12 years under various pen-names (since her first publication in 1999 of a short murder mystery called Budgie Soup) Anita has published 12 non-fiction titles,
6 long thrillers, 4 shorter novellas and well over 200 short stories, articles, plays, poems and ballads. Of these:

 ·       Her 1st short story, Budgie Soup, won the Penguin Award in the Scarlet Stiletto Crime Writers Awards, 1999.

 ·       Her 1st non-fiction article in 1999, A little Unlucky, about a foal called Lucky, who survived the deadly disease tetanus, was published in Hoofbeats Magazine, where the publisher remarked when she first saw it: "...didn't get a chance to read it until last night, then I couldn't put it down! So hard to edit anything out. Three of us had a go and we were all saying it's too good, we can't cut it (meaning shorten the wordcount)…" so instead, they published it as a maxi-feature and themed the rest of the magazine, including the cover, editorial and other articles around it.

 ·       Her 1st non-fiction, Your Mortgage and How to Pay it off in Five Years (1999) won bestselling business title of the year, and 2nd Overall Best-selling Australian Title of the Year, and went on to become bestselling business title of the decade.

 ·       Her 1st novel, Crystal Coffin, was shortlisted for a Ned Kelly Award in 2003.

 ·       Her 1st novella, Tagged by Dead Dogs, a comedy/crime thriller for children, won the International Crime Stoppers Award, 2003.

 ·       Her 1st 2 pocket books for real estate and sharemarket jargon are both popular reference books in public libraries (2008).

·       Her 1st comedy romance Killer Smile, featured as the lead story in the international bestselling collection “How do I love thee”

·       Her first childrens’ fantasy, The Moon Serpent’s Garden, was commissioned by Pearson Education as a student reference title (2010).

·       Her first adult fantasy, Diamond Eyes, won the Prestigious 2011 Hemming Award for Science Fiction & Fantasy Themes – and the sequel Hindsight also won the following year, making this writer the first to win this top literary award more than once.   

Anita’s Motto: Age is no barrier to success.