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a glimpse into the real me



 Private Gallery

"... where my writing is a passionate cloud that
often precipitates a toxic sediment."

- AA Bell, after too much caffeine

Scroll down for a sample of bloopers, half-baked ideas
and things I get up to when nobody's watching...


BUT FIRST... long time friends will notice that my website isn't the only thing that's had a complete make-over.
     Being a normal human, I hate having my picture taken. So to feed the ravenous paparrazi, I shaved my legs, tossed aside the garden rake for my hair, and hired a professional photographer... who knew enough about me to bring his own make-over team and a truck load of industrial sized cosmetics. He also introduced me to my first glass of wine... then the rest of the bottle... and somehow talked me into posing for a few moody, sexy pics as well...


"Your publisher needs them," he said. "The sex scenes in
Leopard Dreaming
are hot-n-steamy, so you need author pics to match."

... most of which I burned as soon as I sobered up the next day, but
he did manage to snap one pic that I could approve for rare private viewings:
to see the sexy (but classy) pic of me in the shower...

WARNING: you've just been warned.
If you have to burn the image out of your brain with
an oxy-torch now, it's your own fault. 
More Pics
... that didn't quite make the grade for the public website:
Reason: the dog is cuter than me. He also got a part in a big movie, and his agent is now too busy to get back to mine with permission rights.

Reason: Look at that face...
Does she look evil, or what?

Too spacey


Too wet

Too animated

Too dreamy
Too wordy

Too sporty
Too blue

Too amazing
Too big

Too many

Hall of Mira's:

Too funny

Too hot

Too retro
Too flowery

Too... much
Even More Pics

... from my personal album, and first from my cats, who insist:
(Or so they think... Bwahahaha!)

Shearing my sheep....
Deciding who's first

Half naked

Oh bliss! I'm skinny again!
Playing hide-n-seek
with my horse... and losing.



1st calf of the season;
"Where the milk bar, ma?"
"Don't ask me. I'm still wondering
how my poop's alive!"

Farm puppy's 1st birthday
... and cat tickling him...

    I love restoring very old books:
     e.g. My friend's tattered hymn
     book was over 110 yrs old,
     but still used every week...
     Went from this:
        To this:


It used to be totally black, but...
& I recently learned to paint:

So I tried with my son's quad
I wanted safety colours

so we compromised.

His tool box was black too:

my first "ripped metal"
        My first dragon

My first helmet:

used to be red, white& blue stripes
My first harley

used to be faded red


Painting my old farm ute


Art on the hood

to scare pedestrians off the bumper
            Art on the roof

to scare truck drivers from
cutting me off
Art on the door

to practice skulls & flames
coz I suck


And I restored a friend's sofa:

Metal painted to look like wood & fake sign replaces my fave bumper sticker:
"If horn not working, watch for finger"
  Total cost $55.00



Now every plain coloured car on the road inspires me like a blank canvas...

So next up, I want to paint my mum's little blue Prius like a cartoon spaceship
with Marvin the Martian, Bugs Bunny & Daffy Duck as his sidekicks...
and my cousin's aqua station wagon like a fish tank for deep sea serpents...

Anyone care to distract them, while I make off with my new "canvasses"?

In the meantime, when people ask why I live so far out in the sticks for inspiration
I just show them sunrise over our farm:


and sunset...  

over the cow's dam